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Puppy Parties! Totally Interactive! Puppy Love At First Sight!

Yes Puppy Paradise is now offering Puppy Parties. Our staff will come to your house or party location within 50 miles of our location, in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ,with a small collection of our adorable puppies that you and your guests have hand-picked. You and your guests can pick 4 (or more!) puppies your children have always wanted to see and hold from our in-store nursery. Just leave your event information, sign a release form, and that’s it! We can bring any combination of breeds to your party, and we can even bring up to 10 puppies or add more time to your party: no problem! (All puppies are not available all of the time; store discretion is used for the safe handling of all puppies and will depend on the sizes of pups requested, as well as the ages of the children.)

The cost is $175 for Brooklyn location which will be inclusive of transportation, puppies, and all other services (except tolls and parking expenses). We do parties in Long Island, New Jersey, Hampton if its within 50 miles of our location. Rates may be higher for further distance, additional puppies, additional time or last minute bookings. Call us and get the rates
We can even accomadate guests who have dog allergy.

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2082 Flatbush Ave. (Near Ave.P) Brooklyn, New York | Phone Number (718) 252-7877

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