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Silky Terrier Height : 9 - 10 inches

Silky Terrier Weight : 8 - 11 lbs.

Silky Terrier Colors : Blue & fire red, or blue with tan markings, many shades of blue are permitted. The topknot should be lighter in color than the tan points. Silky Terriers are born black
Country of Origin: Australia.

Coat: Long, smooth, silky, and shiny. There is no undercoat. Steel-blue is the most prized color. The most common color is light to dark blue-grey with brown.

Character: This dog is upbeat, lively, intelligent, loyal, and surprisingly protective.

Temperament: Silky Terriers need to get used to cats when young to avoid chasing them later on. Normally they are very affectionate with children. They will bark when visitors arrive.

Care: Regular grooming (for 15 minutes a day) with a brush and comb is required. Occasional baths are acceptable. The teeth must be checked for tartar. This breed is not known for shedding.

Training: The intelligence of this breed makes training fairly easy.

Activity: The exercise needs of this dog are uncomplicated. It will adapt itself to the activity level of your family.

Silky Terrier Description : Silky Terriers originated in Australia in the late 19th century. Their head is strong and wedge shaped, moderately long. They have a compact body with a back line that is straight. Strong forelegs that are straight and fine-boned. Hind legs are well muscled and strong, but do not appear heavy. Silkies have a smooth flowing gait, with graceful movements. They are very alert, and make good family pets


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