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Scottish Terrier | Puppy Party | Puppies For Sale

Other Names : Aberdeen Terrier.

Scottish Terrier Height : 10 - 11 inches

Scottish Terrier Weight: 19 - 23 lbs.

Scottish Terrier Colors : Black, wheaten or brindle of any shade
Country of Origin: Scotland.

Care: The coat needs to be professionally hand-plucked biannually. The chest, legs, and head are normally clipped. Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required.

Training: If training is consistent, it should be relatively easy. A Scottie's independence should always be respected in the training process.

Activity: The exercise needs of this dog are uncomplicated. It will adapt itself to the activity level of your family. Remember that it loves to dig.

Description : Also popularly known as "Scotties," Scottish Terriers are small and strong with short legs, pricked ears and naturally erect tail. They tend to be a one or two person dog and do best when pampered. While a little stubborn, they make loyal pets. They are good watchdogs, but need to be kept secured as they like to to go exploring.


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