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Schipperke | Puppy Party | Puppies For Sale

Schipperke Height : 10 - 13 inches

Schipperke Weight : 12 - 16 lbs.

Schipperke Colors : Black is the only acceptable color according to the Belgian standard.
Country of Origin: Belgium.

Coat: Abundant and dense, with longer hair on the neck, shoulders, chest and back of rear legs.

Character: Alert, loyal, and is insatiably inquisitive.The breed will impress you with its personable ways and unending energy.

Temperament: The breeds temperament shows it to be a positive dog, exhibiting very strong likes and dislikes, capable of making a decision about a situation.The breed is fond of children if properly socialized and supervised and frequently will attach itself to the children of the family, becoming their loving, loyal and watchful companion.

Care: Comb or brush the coat regularly with a firm bristle brush, dry shampoo when necessary.

Training: Training must begin early as he is intelligent, curious and stubborn and doesn't like to come when he is called.

Activity: Suited for city or country living. The breed does best with a fenced back yard and plenty of exercise.

Description : Schipperkes are affectionate, loyal, well-behaved, yet independent little dogs. They are not demanding of theirowners and enjoy being a part of a family. Schipperkes have a curious nature ane are lively and alert.. Schipperkes will take care of their own grooming needs requiring minimal attention from their owners.


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