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Rottweiler Height : 23 - 27 inches

Rottweiler Weight : 90 - 160 lbs.

Rottweiler Colors : Black with clearly defined tan or deep brown markings
Country of Origin: Germany.

Coat: Short, thick, and coarse outer layer with a thick under layer. It must always be black with brown markings. Occasionally there are long-haired varieties or there may be a white chest marking, but these traits are considered undesirable.

Character: This breed is brave, very loyal, obedient, protective, watchful, and strong. It will risk life and limb to defend its family.

Temperament: If properly socialized, a Rottweiler makes a good playmate for children and gets along well with cats and other household animals. This is all contingent on whether the dog has had positive experiences with them when young, however.

Care: When it is shedding, use a rubber glove to remove dead hairs. The ears must be kept clean, and the claws must be kept short.

Training: A Rottweiler's dominant nature makes it necessary that its trainer is calm, consistent and fair.

Activity: This dog needs plenty of exercise. Let it run in the open country or the woods, as it does not wish to wander far from its family. Rottweilers also love to swim or catch a ball.

Description : The Rottweiler is a medium-large, robust, powerful dog requiring firm handling and careful training. Their build is one of great strength, agility and endurance. As a working dog, Rottweilers appear to enjoy herding, obedience competitions, tracking, search and rescue or just retrieving the newspaper. They are effective guard dogs and will defend their family and property to the end. Be aware that they have a tendency to become loyal to one person. This is not a dog for inexperienced owners.


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