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Other Names : Mops, Carlin

Chinese Pug Height : 10 - 11 inches

Chinese Pug Weight : 13 - 18 lbs.

Chinese Pug Colors : Silver, apricot, fawn or black, black mask and ears and black trace along back
Country of Origin: China.

Coat: Consists of short hairs. Colors can be black, beige, or silver. Must have a black mask. Character: Easy-going and straightforward, Pugs are sociable, intelligent and calm.

Temperament: This dog gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets. It may get jealous if its owner ignores it.

Care: Loose hairs should be removed periodically with a rubber brush. Special lotion needs to be applied to the facial creases.

Training: It is necessary to be gentle when training this breed, as they are very sensitive to the tone of your voice.

Activity: Pugs love to romp and play outdoors, provided the waether is good. Always make sure they have a cool place to spend the day if it is hot outside.

Pug Description : The name Pug is derived from the Latin word meaning "clenched fist." And that description fits their appearance very well. They are short and stocky, muscular with a wide chest, straight, very strong front legs and well-muscled hind legs. Their personality includes perky, affectionate, playful, clever and a bit on the mischievous and willful side. When communicating with humans they make a grunting nasal noise, similar to a pig.


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