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Pug Hound Height : 15-22inches

Pug Hound Weight : 50-65 lbs.

Pug Hound Colors : Fawn w/black mask
Country of Origin: United States

Coat: Hair is short, dense, and smooth.

Character: This breed is independent but sociable, calm, patient and playful.

Temperament: Pug Hounds are excellent playmates for children and get along fine with dogs and other animals. Pug Hound do not like to be left alone.

Care: Apart from removing dead hairs when shedding, the Basset's great big ears must be kept clean.

Training: Pug hounds must be trained with consistency and patience. Activity: Pug hounds do not require much exercise. Three short walks a day should be enough to keep them content, as long as they can also play in the yard.

Description : The Pug Hound Is A New Hybrid, We Use A Male Pug And A Female Bassett. These Are Bred For The Very Lazy Dog Owner That Wants A Dog That Is Happy To Lay Around More Than Most Dogs. This Dog Has A Look All Of Its Own! Resembles The English Bull Dog More Than Any Other Dog But Has The Big Ears From Its Mom's Side. It Is Very Hard For A Pug To Breed A Bassett With The Difference In Size So You Won't See Many Of These Around. If You Take This Dog For A Walk You Can Expect A Lot Of People To Ask You "What Kind Of A Dog Is That". Should Weigh 50-60 Lbs At Maturity.


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