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Names : Epagneul Nain (Phalene is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel)

Papillion Height : 8 - 11 inches.

Papillion Weight : 3 - 9 lbs.

Colors : From pale lemon and white to rich shades of red, chestnut, deep mahogany, tri's and black and white.
Country of Origin: Belgium.

Coat: Is long-haired, usually white with colored patches. A white blaze on the head is desirable.

Character: Although somewhat reserved around strangers, these are lovable, affectionate, boisterous little dogs that are eager to learn.

Temperament: Depending on how socialization was carried out, some Papillons may be jealous if their owner's attention is diverted elsewhere. This is not usually the case, however. They generally get along quite well with children and other household pets.

Care: Regular thorough brushing is required. Any loose hairs in the ear passages should be removed.

Training: Papillons respond best to a gentle approach. Their willingness to learn makes training a fairly simple process. They are intelligent and obedient.

Activity: The exercise needs of this dog are uncomplicated. It will adapt itself to the activity level of your family.

Papillon Description : The Papillons are small, friendly, elegant Toy dogs of fine-boned structure, light, dainty and of lively action. Their beautiful butterfly-like ears distinguished them from other breeds. Papillons are devoted to their masters, and show hearty spirit making them desirable for show or companionship. Papillons are hardy and usually long lived. They adapt to almost any climate and are comfortable in an apartment as well as the country. They are good travelers. Papillons love to be with their family. They are friendly, happy and eager to please. They rank the number one Toy Dog in obedience


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