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Labradoodle Height : 14-15 inches

Labradoodle Weight : Miniature/Mini - 13 to 18 pounds

Labradoodle Colors: Most common are white,
Country of Origin: Australia.

Coat: The length of the coat is anywhere from 4 to 6 inches long. Texture similar to that of Angora.

Character: The Labradoodle is extremely clever, quick to learn and easy to train. They are good with children and get along well with other dogs. They are non-aggressive.

Temperament: They get along well with children and other dogs. They are active and friendly, non-agressive but loyal to their family.

Care: Curly coats need regular brushing every two weeks. Most Labradoodles shed little to no hair.

Training: Labradoodles are easy to train and quick to learn.

Activity: Very active. Needs regular exercise.

Description : The Labradoodle is a unique and fascinating dog which was first bred in Australia. Its early origins trace back to a gentleman called Don Evans, although credit is usually given to the Guide Dog Associations - due to the media coverage gained at that time as the search for a low allergy Guide Dog led to the breeding of Labradoodles. A Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever were bred together in response to an enquiry by a blind lady in Hawaii who needed a low allergy Guide Dog. The Labrador's easy going ways and the Poodle's smartness made for an interesting combination and an exciting discovery, was that a percentage of each litter had puppies which appeared to be allergy friendly. An added bonus for the Labradoodle was the lack of shedding in some of these puppies, and the absence of doggy smell.


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