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""Every single person wrote me back when I sent the e-vite saying, 'What is a puppy party? Are you kidding me, real puppies?" Lisa D'Onofrio of Westfield, New Jersey, told TODAY about the bash she threw for daughter Isabella."
"Puppies may be the only things that qualify as appropriate entertainment for both a child’s birthday and a bachelorette party. A small number of companies now specialize in providing puppies for party rentals, and they report growing business for birthdays, office parties and engagements."
" "These parties are very good socialization for the puppies to be touched and interact with people in a safe way. Forcing soft warm cuddly puppies to stay in a cage is actually more harmful like a punishment because they become shyer."
"We wanted to try something new,” said 22-year-old Matthew Louie, president of the Queens College Student Association. "This is a huge success.."
"Depending on the shop’s current selection, requests can be met for hypoallergenic dogs, as well as specific breeds like puggles and Poms. "
"Cookies, Cake Balls, and Puppies! Celebrating Momofuku Milk Bar's Newest Store."
"Puppy Party brings the adorable fuzzballs to you, along with an instructor to teach kids how to properly treat the animals, and lead the entire brood through educational and empathetic activities."
"n the day of the event Puppy Party staff will arrive at the location with a collection of its puppies that the host has selected. The company will bring up to 10 puppies in any combination of breeds."
"For Brooklyn-based Puppy Paradise, a puppy package includes four dogs for an hour starting at $175 in Brooklyn and $250 for Manhattan (adding additional puppies is $35 per dog)."


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