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Golden Retriever | Puppy Party | Puppies For Sale

Other Names : Yellow Retrieve

Golden Retriever Height : 20 - 24 inches

Golden Retriever Weight : 60 - 75 lbs.

Golden Retriever Colors : Any shades of gold or cream.
Country of Origin: England

Coat: May be golden or cream-colored. It is smooth and wavy and the undercoat is weather-resistant.

Character: This breed is very self-confident, sensitive, intelligent, and adaptable. Barking is infrequent.

Temperament: This dog gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets. It can be belligerent with unknown visitors.

Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required. Make sure the ears are kept clean.

Training: Obedience classes are recommended. They are very sensitive to harsh treatment, so excessive strictness is not recommended. Golden Retrievers remember what they learn for the rest of their lives.

Activity: Golden Retrievers have above-average needs for exercise, although they will adapt themselves to the exercise habits of your family.

Golden Retriever Description : Golden Retrievers are active, powerful yet gentle dogs. They enjoy children and make excellent family pets. Golden Retrievers are also ideal sportman's companions, excellent gundogs, guides or service dogs. . These dogs love to swim and should be allowed to do so whenever possible. They prefer human companionship and are not happy alone.


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