Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 11/10/18

1. Where do the puppies come from?

We are a puppy store in Brooklyn, New York. Our parties are a means of socialization and exercise for our puppies while they wait to find their forever homes.

2. How do you make sure the puppies are handled safely?
Our activities are regulated by the USDA and licensed under the Animal Welfare Act. We are also under veterinary supervision. At least one of our staff members is present throughout the event to monitor the puppies’ health and safety.

3. When and where do your parties take place?
We do puppy parties 7 days a week between the hours of 12pm and 4pm. The earliest start time is 12pm and all events MUST END BY 4pm. We will travel up to 60 miles away from our store in Marine Park, Brooklyn. We do not provide services outside the New York City metropolitan area.  

4. How much do your events cost? I don't see a price list or rate chart.
The base price for a Puppy Party is location dependent. Therefore, we would need to know the location of the event in order to provide a price quote. The further away your event location is from our store, the higher the cost of your event will be. 

5. What forms of payment do you accept?
Services must be paid for in full by the beginning of the event. We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard or Discover. We do not accept payment via American Express, and we do not accept payment via check.  

6. What add-on options are available?
Additional puppies are available for $50 each. Additional half-hour time blocks are available for $100 each. The following restrictions apply, however:

For weekend events:

  • There is a limit of 6 puppies per event.
  • There is a ONE HOUR limit per event.

For weekday events:

  • There is a limit of 8 puppies per event.
  • There is a TWO HOUR limit per event.

7. I have X number of kids coming, how many puppies should I ask for?
Our activities are geared towards guests who are 6 years of age or older. For children's events, we recommend that you keep the ratio to no more than two children per puppy to ensure that no one is left out. Since weekend parties are capped at six puppies per event, we highly recommend that your child's event's guest count be limited to 12-14. Weekday parties are capped at eight puppies per event, but the time restrictions (all events must end by 4pm) often mean that weekday children's events are not an option during the school year.

8. Can I have my event outdoors?
Your event can be outdoors as long as there is no inclement weather and the temperature, after accounting for wind chill and heat index, is between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit as per's report for your event's zip code . You must own or rent the space: events in public parks are not permitted. We highly recommend that you have an indoor space set aside in case of adverse weather conditions: we do not reserve separate rain dates. Your event must take place at the contracted address agreed upon on your Request Form.

9. I want to have an event in an office building or school, but they’re asking me for proof of insurance or other paperwork. How will this work?
We can provide proof of general liability insurance if your building or school requires it. We will go over the details required to have this paperwork provided. We do not sign most outside vendor agreements, so make sure your company or school’s legal department is on board with the waiver we supply.

10. Can I select specific breeds for my event?
We do not allow for selection of specific breeds. We reserve the right to curate the selection based on the number of events that day, as well as the age of the guests, number of guests, and duration of your event.

11. I've booked an event and I received the forms. How long do I have to submit them? 
Please complete and return those forms within 7 (SEVEN) days of receipt. Inability to do so will lead to the loss of your requested time slot and ability to re-book. 

12. I work with an event planning agency and I would like to book events between you and my client. How would this work? 
We prefer to interface directly with the clients with whom we bring puppies to. For this reason, we do not work with event planning agencies.  


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