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Doberman Pinscher | Puppy Party | Puppies For Sale

Other Names : Dobermann

Doberman Pinscher Height : Males 26 - 28 inches, Females 24 -26 inches

Doberman Pinscher Weight : 66 - 88 lbs.

Doberman Pinscher Colors : Solid black, brown, blue, fawn (Isabella) with rust markings on head, body and legs
Country of Origin: Germany

Coat: Is sleek and smooth, and is usually black and tan, or brown and tan.

Character: Dobermans have a tendency to become very loyal to one particular person. They are brave, intelligent and excellent guard-dogs.

Temperament: If properly socialized, Dobermans get along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets. Dobermans do not take kindly to unwanted visitors.

Care: Claws must be kept short and teeth must be checked periodically for tartar. Dead hairs must be removed with a knobbed rubber glove during shedding.

Training: Must be very careful and consistent. Never hit a Doberman and avoid pressure on the dog during early stages of training.

Activity: The speed and tremendous stamina of this breed make it ideal for a variety of outdoor sports. It will not be satisfied with daily walks around the neighborhood.

Description : Doberman Pinschers are muscular, powerful, have strong endurance and are fast.. Their smooth, sleek build gives them an elegant appearance reflecting nobility and temperament. They are alert and work well as companions or guard dogs. Doberman Pinschers make admirable obedience and show dogs and wonderful family pets. They love to run. As a caution for elderly people, they may be a challenge because of their tendancy to dominate.


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