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Chow Chow Height : 18 - 22 inches

Chow Chow Weight : 45 - 75 lbs.

Chow Chow Colors : Black, red, blue, fawn and cream.
Country of Origin: China

Coat: There are two varieties, long- and short-haired. The coat of the long-haired variety consists of long straight hairs. Common colors are red, black, blue, and cream.

Character: This is an independent dog that is calm and vigilant. It may try to dominate other dogs.

Temperament: Although domineering around other dogs, Chows are usually good with children. This breed needs to get to know other household pets early in life and is cautious with strangers.

Care: Regular thorough brushing is required.

Training: The Chow Chow is not known as the most obedient dog in the world. Some experts say the short-haired variety learns faster than the long-haired variety. In either case, training must be consistent and firm.

Activity: This dog does not need a lot of exercise, but prefers to be outdoors. It needs a cool place to rest in the summer because it does not like heat.

Description : The Chow Chow's history dates back over 2,000 years in China. As members of the Spitz family, these dogs are masterpieces of beauty and dignity. One unique feature is their blue-black tongue. Though Chows have a reputation of being aggressive and tenacious fighters if provoked, they can also be friendly and faithful to their owners. Most owners agree that Chows are very strong willed and territorial. Effective socialization and training are a must in order for the Chow puppy to grow into a well behaved adult dog


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