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Other Names : English Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Height : 21 - 22 inches

Bull Terrier Weight : 52 - 62 lbs.

Bull Terrier Colors : Pure white, brindle, black, red, fawn and tri-colored.
Country of Origin: England.

Coat: Is short-haired, and can be white, white with markings on the head, or a solid color with highlights. Acceptable colors are black and tan with some white, red, broken black, and fawn.

Character: Bull Terriers think for themselves, are very lively, and tough.

Temperament: This breed gets along well with children. Provided proper social training has taken place, it gets along fine with cats or other household pets. Depending in its individual nature and upbringing, it may try to dominate other dogs. If you already own a dog, it may be unwise to purchase a Bull Terrier as a second dog.

Care: Periodically use a rubber brush to remove dead hairs. The ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Provide a soft place for it to lie down.

Training: Puppies should go to an obedience course. This dog is very strong when it is fully grown, so it is very difficult to train as an adult. Handlers must be patient and understanding, as this dog learns quickly but has a stubborn streak.

Activity: This dog loves going for long walks and running and playing off the leash.

Description : Bull Terriers are a thick-set, muscular, well-proportioned breed with a short, dense coat. Their most distinctive feature is the head, which is almost flat at the top, sloping evenly down to the end of the nose. When properly trained, they tend to be friendly and have a good temperament. Known for their sense of humor, they are outgoing with a dominant nature and require firm handling by their owners.


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