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Other Names : Mini-Pit Bull

Buggle Height : 12 to 15 inches

Buggle Weight : 10-18 lbs.

Buggle Colors : Black and White; Brindle
Country of Origin: United States Coat: The coat is short and weather-proof. Liver-colored Buggles are not acceptable.

Character: This dog is sociable, cheerful and independent.

Temperament: Early socialization with other household pets is recommended. Buggles are friendly to dogs and children as well as strangers.

Care: Keep the coat brushed and ears clean.

Training: Buggles are very suitable pets for homes, in addition to being independent hunting dogs. Buggles learn best from obedience classes.

Activity: This dog needs lots of exercise. Its love of the great outdoors makes is unsuitable for apartment life.

Description : The Buggle Is Sired By A Boston Terrier, It's Dam Was A Beagle. It Gets Its Long Ears And Bark From The Miniature Beagle And Its Pug Nose And Color From The Boston. Some Are Black And White. Some Are Brindle And White. And Look A Little Like A Miniature, Long Eared, Pit Bull With The Short Nose And Color. This Cross-Makes A Good-Natured Attractive Dog That Is Maintenance Free. Chances Are You Will Be The Only Person In Your Neighborhood With A Dog That Looks Like This.


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