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Puppy Party | Fun Party Ideas

Kids and Puppies

You just brought the new pup home and now you are concerned he won't get along with your kids. This can cause anxiety in you and the pup. Sometimes introducing the pup in a quiet room and maybe letting the child give him a treat as well. This may show the pup he can trust the child. Don't force the puppy into a meeting he isn't ready to handle yet.

Establishing A Healthy Relationship With Your New Puppy

When you bring your new puppy home, you'll want to make him feel good while he's lying down or on his back. Give him a little stroke or an encouraging word. But don't overdo it. If you make the pup stay in that posture and he stays there, it teaches him a lesson both in submission and in dominance.

Puppy Wedding Proposal

The cutest and most sweetest Puppy Party happened. This man had called us in explaining how we wanted 10 of our most adorable puppies available. The reason why? He was going to use them to make his girlfriend's dream come true.

Brushing Your Dog: The Key to Getting that Beautiful Coat

Brushing removes dead hair from the coat before it mats, stimulates the skin and evenly distributes the natural oils over the coat. This allows the individual hairs to lie more smoothly, look shinier and repel dirt. Try to spend just a few minutes every day or so brushing the coat instead of waiting until the coat is tangled then trying to demat it. You and your pet will be happier for it.

Soothing Your Dog’s Fears

Dogs express their fear in different ways. They may bite or scratch, run and hide, tremble or even urinate when afraid. Your job is to figure out what's scaring your dog and help ease and overcome his fears

A Great Way To Exercise Your Dog If You Live In The City

There's an attitude among some city dwellers that having a dog in the city isn't fair to the dog. Somehow, there is this myth that dogs are happiest in rural areas where they have plenty of room to roam, or in suburban areas with big backyards.

How Owning A Dog Can Benefit Your Child

How Owning A Dog Can Benefit Your Child

You know your child wants a dog to play with but did you know that the love and companionship of a dog can have long lasting effects going far beyond their ability to entertain and amuse?

Adopting A Dog

If you have been thinking of getting a new dog, have you considered all the options available to you? The obvious choice people make, when considering a new dog is to go to a specialized dog breeder. A good dog breeder will be able to sell you a puppy that has been checked for genetic problems, diseases etc and will very often provide you with a high quality pedigree dog

A Guid To Dog Training

Before starting dog training, it is best that you know your options well. These days you can find many types of dog training, in many different places. These trainings vary in price and each one them has something different to offer. The first type of dog training is known as puppy preschool.

Benefits Of Assist Dogs

The majority of people with multiple sclerosis never develop total disability. However, almost everyone with MS develops some type of disability. On days you are dizzy, off balance or in pain, or experiencing other symptoms, you need a little help. An assistance dog may be of great help in these cases.

Chossing The Right Dog

Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean you have to stay home all the time. If you plan ahead and take a little care, it is easy and fun to travel with your dog. .

Dental Care For Dogs

Some people don't realize that dental hygiene is as important for dogs as it is for human beings.Just like in people, dogs� teeth can gather plaque after eating. When plaque builds up and hardens it becomes a coarse brown substance called tartar.

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