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Mini-Boxer Height : 10-14 inches

Mini-Boxer Weight : 10-15 lbs.

Mini-Boxer Colors: Fawn
Country of Origin: United States

Coat: The coat is short, dense, and smooth, with a sheen. Whiskers are not removed.

Character: This dog is affectionate, uncomplicated, gentle, intelligent, and sensitive, and fearless.

Temperament: The Mini-Boxer has sometimes been described as having a dual personality. He is a fearless, tenacious hunter with seemingly unlimited energy. When he is not hunting, however,-the Mini-Boxer is an exceptionally friendly companion, getting along well with children, other dogs, and even cats.

Care: When it is shedding, use a rubber brush to remove dead hairs.

Training: The Mini-Boxer is an energetic, alert dog whose curiosity and intelligence make him easy to train.

Activity: Mini-Boxer enjoy human companionship immensely and will enthusiastically share any activity with their owners.

Description : The Mini-Boxer or Pugrat Is Sired By A Pug And Has A Rat Terrier Mother. Maintenance Free, And You Do Not Have To Be Groomed. This Dog Is Very Easy To Train And Will Love To Please You. The Pugat Is A Very Unique Looking Little Dog Usually Called A Miniature Boxer. We Use Tiny Toy Rat Terriers That Weigh 13-18 Lbs Then We Use Small Pug Males That Weigh 15-20 Lbs Pug Males. Color Is Fawn With Black Mask Or Black.


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